Wordle- Beautiful word clouds


Wordle (beautiful word clouds) is a website which creates ‘clouds’ of words in a vast range of styles, colours, shapes and layouts.

The site is easy to use and therefore is appropriate to use with children, potentially as young as KS1. It could also be used successfully in the early years classroom, however it would be approached as a teacher-led activity with the class and would require a lot of teacher support.
An example of how the use of wordle may possibly be used in the early years could be drawn from my own experience on SE3. In a teacher-led session the children were asked to think of words to describe the sounds of fireworks such as boom, wiz, bang. The words were then printed out and mounted on the wall surrounding drawings that the children produced. The use of wordle could have been appropriate here, as it would have allowed the teacher to display the words in an interesting way, possibly as the centre of a display. The children could also benefit from observing words in different contexts. Children who have developed their own wiki can also access this tool, as it is a very safe and easy website to use. Children can think of their own words to create a cloud, which could be linked to a topic for example 'can you write down all the words linked with electricity', or it could be used as a planning tool for example 'can you write down some key words that you might like to describe your weekend' (to be accessed later for a writing task). Finally children could use wordle as way of personalising their own wiki/blog spaces, writing about themselves and their interests; the opportunity to choose their own colours, styles and font further allow a more personalised piece of work.
Examples of how the same words can be displayed in a variety of ways: