Week One:What do I want to learn or develop during this foundation music module?
  1. Develop my confidence to sing within a group.
  2. Develop my ability to confidently choose an appropriate song to use in the classroom.
  3. Bulid up a 'bank' of songs that can be used in schools in a range of age groups.
  4. Develop my skills to plan and carry out a successful music lesson - singing and use of instruments.
  5. Extend my knowledge anout instruments and how to use them with children.
Song chosen to sing for week 2: ' I've got a grumpy face' (EYFS, KS1). http://www.singup.org/songbank/song-bank/song-detail/view/92-i/
Comments from peers of song (I've got a grumpy face'):

"I certainly didn't have a grumpy face after singing this song! Thinking you could easily re-write the lyrics as well...maybe something like "I've got my pencil out, and I'm ready to work" LIES! - but great fun none the less!" Darren 8/10/10

"You did really well with this song. The song you chose was really appropriate for use in the classroom. You could see how children would love to join in and add their own ideas. Now consider how you could be more active in your delivery and teacher, rather than sitting on a chair!" Jay 11/10/10
Week Two:How was I creative?
I felt that I was being creative through experimenting with my voice (starting a song on a different note from the rest of my peers). Although seemingly easy, I found that activity difficult to master because it was hard to detach myself from Jay's starting note and go in my own direction. I feel that the reason for this was firstly because Jay's voice is the most prominent in the room and therefore it feel natural to follow her. Secondly I think that I did not have the knowledge or confidence to participate effectively, however after a few attempts it did become easier.

How did I feel when singing to the class?
I felt nervous about the idea of singing infront of my peers, however it was easier to attempt with the knowledge that we all have the same nerves about singing and yet we all had to have a go. It gave me confidence to watch other people have a go at teaching their own songs and it was really useful and fun to hear what other people had chosen to sing and the actions that they had created to go with the songs. It also gave me alot of confidence to have the chance to sing with the background music playing as it acts not only as a support for your voice but it also provides a prompt for tuning and words etc. Week Three: Thinking about creativity: creativity_2.jpg