Week 4:

Song to teach: 'The animals went in two by two' - http://www.singup.org/songbank/song-bank/song-detail/view/21-the-animals-went-in-two-by-two/

How was teaching song with action stood up? Reflection?

This lesson initally felt like a big challenge for me as not only were me and Nikki first to sing but we had to think of a more active approach to teaching our song rather then just 'sat round a table'. Although we had thought of some basic hand actions to compliment the song, we had not considered the use of our whole bodies which on reflection would have to be a consideration if we were to teach the song to children in school. Alot of the actions had to be thought of 'on the spot' and there was a bit of experimenting with what would work, however this was quite useful as our peers would also give some input on what they thought would work which was great. It actually turned out to be alot of fun to think of actions and to guide my peers who also seemed to enjoy joining in. In terms of teaching the song the first attempt did not work successfully as the class were not aware of the words and the backing music went rather fast. However we found that once we taught without the backing music and broke the song into small chunks (each verse) the rest of the class were much more confident at having a go which in turn helped make me more confident.

Feedback from peers- 'The animals went in two by two':

"Well done for being first to go! really brave! Once you slowed the song down and taught it without the backing track, the enjoyment of the song was evident. You were both really confident once you stepped away from relying on the recording, and I think that you would both be brilliant at singing with a class without using a recorded track. The marching around kept the rhythm and notes were in our range and could easily be adapted to that of your class." Darren 18/10/10

"Well done. It was brave to go first.You were able to learn from what you did and adapt on the hoof. As a teacher that will be most valuable. What do you do in advance to make sure your next one is better." Jay 18/10/10

"Well done guys, you did really well I enjoyed experimenting the different ways that you could deliver this song and the ways of teaching it." Rachael 18/10/10

"Well done, I thought this was a fun song and the movement made it more interactive and engaging
" Shelly 19/10/10

"I really enjoyed the actions and moving around during this song, it was lots of fun. I could imagine using it to move children between classes as they are marching, or as a warmup for PE. You taught it really well and seemed really confident once you got rid of the music. well done" Kirsty 19/10/10

"I really liked the way you taught this song and it was great fun teaching it to my class! They particularly loved walking around in a circle and doing the actions!!" Claire 22/10/10