Using Instruments and composing:

I found that this lesson was technically more difficult than lessons where the focus was on singing. Perhaps because of the notion that 'everyone can sing' whereas using instruments require specific knowledge and skills in order to successfully produce what we perceive as 'music'. (Although one could argue that the sounds we produced is still music). Because of this lack of skills and knowledge I found that I did not have much confidence with producing patterns and sounds, although it was enjoyable to 'play' with the notes. This, I felt, was an important feeling to experience as it made me realise that when using instruments with children it is vital to accept that although the teaching of specific skills is important, it is also imperative to allow children to play with sounds on their terms in a low-pressure context in which they feel free to experiment without worrying about whether they are technically correct.

School Experience:

I really enjoyed the experience that we carried out in school, and I found it to be very insightful in relation to teaching young children a new song.
-Main Findings:
  • Children appeared to feel more confident to join in when they could you the actions to support the words.
  • The actions prompted the remembering of the song words when children were asked to sing the song in the second session.
  • Children appeared to become more involved when participated in active learning (thinking of different ways to use their voices).