Tuff-Cams are an excellent digital resource to use in primary schools, as they can be accessed by children of all ages, due to the simple and easy to use design. The cameras can be used to take both still-frame images and 12 minute videos with audio, which means that the possibilites are endless- these cameras can be used to aid the development of all aspects of the curriculum. Not only are the camera's easy to use by all ages, but the software that they use is also easily accessable for children as young as KS1 and would therefore require minimal input from the class teacher or other adults.
Feature of the Tuff-Cams:

  • High quality screen for preview and playback
  • 'Trigger' action to take pictures
  • 3 mega-pixal resolution
  • Internal memory
  • Built in flash
  • Standard file format
  • Records 12 minute videos with audio
  • Playback of pictures and videos on screen without the need of a PC
  • High precision lens
  • Large easy to use buttons with clear picture instructions
  • Robust design with rubber features- making it a virtually indestructible resource
  • Docking station used through the USB port


The bee-bot is a child friendly floor robot that allows children to explore using directions, instructions and programming.

‚Äč Features of the Bee-bot:

  • Easy to use buttons with clear instructions.
  • Flashing eyes to confirm instructions.
  • Sounds to confirm instructions.
  • Can hold up to 40 instructions.