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Being aware of how to be safe on the internet is vital knowledge for teachers and parents, who are responsible for monitoring children's activity online and ensuring that they are safe. However, knowledge about internet saftey should not be restricted to adults; it is also important that children are aware of the danger of internet chatrooms, whilst ensuring that they are not afraid to safely exlpore the wonders of the internet. The above 'utube' videos have are aimed at children (one for each key stage) and have been designed to warn children about the potential dangers of talking to people that they do not know online and why it is important to always tell an adult when they are unsure. The videos are appropriate to use in schools and could be used as an introduction to a cirlce time, or as the key issue in an assembly; however it is important that child have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss their feelings about what they saw.

Online safety for 5 year olds

Parents play a vital role in ensuring that their children are safe online and therefore it is important that they are fully informed about the issue and what to look for in their own children. The above article 'online saftey for 5 year olds' is a BBC news article explaining about why e-safety is important and therefore why it is a present issue discussed in schools. Teachers and headteachers should provide parents with information about e-safety if parents are unsure of what to do, and therefore the two PDF articles contain research for teachers into the issue.